About us

Hi my Fwends,
Sit down and let me tell you a stowy about how I met my Mham and my wittle sister Tia. 
It all began in the summer of 2005. My mahm was in school studying to become a doctor and volunteering as an EMT. It seemed life was good but something was missing, (me, of course). She kept dreaming about one day meeting a perfect dog like me and her visualization worked. She came in search of her soulmate (me) and there i was; barking, jumping, playing, happy puppy. The minute I saw her I knew she was mine. She picked me up and held me tight. It was love at first sight. She made a beautiful home for me with lots of toys and yummy treats but something was wrong. I kept having tummy issues. Mahm was taking me to the vet almost every week. She had to work hard to pay for our doc visits. Mahm had enough, so, she studied and studied about the best foods for me and started to cook for me. All my tummy problems slowly went away. She made me yummy dinners, and treats and even baked pupcakes.  I told Mahm I wish she would open a pup bakery so my fwends can come and try her yummies. 
Now, about Tia: It was a beautiful sunny day late in August. We were walking home from the park when we ran into a man holding a tiny, sick kitten. Mahm being a crazy animal lover had to stop and say hello. The man said he was going to leave the sick kitty out on the street but mahm couldn't let that happen and decided to take her in. 
That's Tia. She's older here. Boy is she a trouble maker. she drops everything, smacks me in the face, steals my food, hides in the craziest places, but we Love her. Mahm loves her more than I'd like her to. She keeps saying she loves me most but I think its because I bark and get so jealous whenever she holds and kisses her. Anyway, that's enough about the cat. Oh, that's Buck the turtle, I don't like when Mahm gives attention to the turtle either. I Bark and Bark when mahm cleans her tank. It was supposed to be just the two of us, why does she keep bringing in these animals I do not understand. 
Back to the Pakery: 
Mahm said if she starts a pet bakery it has to be more than a dog bakery. She says we need to try and help protect our planet. She buys eco-frendly packaging and donates a dollar from every purchase to One Tree Planted. She wants to do more so she buys most ingredients from our local farmers. She says I need to eat organic and locally sourced, whatever that means. I say just feed me the yummies. 
For now we are a home based pet bakery but we dream of soon opening a pet bakery so all the doggos and kitties can enjoy my mahm's yummy treats. 

 Hold on, she's screaming something from the kitchen. Oh, she wants you to know that all our treats are 100% Human-Grade without any preservatives. 

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Axel the German Shepherd. 

All our treats are Axel (me) approved. If I say no, mom won't sell! Ya welcome. 

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